Need something to do on a rainy, windy day? Trying to get out of the hot sun for a little while? Sign up for our all indoors “Science Inside” Program where you’ll get to take four crash courses all about Hatteras Island.

Beach in a Box

Duration: 15+ minutes
Find out about the ins and outs of our inlets! Our very own “Beach in a Box” can accurately simulate the active geology of Hatteras Island with whirling waters and shifting sands in real time.

Turtle Talk

Duration: 30+ minutes
It’s turtle time! Discover all the different types of turtles that frequent our beach, their miraculous and inspiring life cycles, and many more incredible facts that make them such interesting reptiles.

Reptile Roundup

Duration: 30+ minutes
Snakes!? While some people are afraid of these long and scaly creatures, here at the Ocean Center we call them our friends! Meet some of our native reptile and amphibian species face to face like Louie, our Black Ratsnake! Participation is respectfully optional.

Owl Pellet Dissection

Duration: 30+ minutes
Who? Who? Owls, that’s who! Here on the Outer Banks predatory birds like the Barn Owl are an important piece of the ecological puzzle. Put on your rubber gloves, grab some tweezers, and find out what kinds of species these birds have been biting on.

Total duration: ~2 hours

Price: $10 per person