Q: Why not repair the Frisco Pier instead of building a new pier at a new location?
A: In today’s economy, to be economically viable a pier needs a modern pier house in order to help generate enough income to subsidize the cost of building and maintaining the pier. The plan for the Ocean Center is to build a 10,000 square foot (2 stores of 5,000 square feet per story) pier house. Along with the pier house, enough parking is required to support the activity at the pier house and the pier. There is not enough room at the location of the Frisco Pier for a modern pier house and the number of parking spaces required.

Q: Will the Ocean Center create new competition for existing business owners?
A: No. The plan is for all businesses at the Ocean Center to be operated by current Hatteras Island business owners. Ideally, the Ocean Center would be an additional location for these business owners, allowing them to grow their businesses.

Q: What impact will the Ocean Center have on the character of Hatteras Village?
A: By building a fishing pier where a 4-story, 51-unit condominium building was planned, the Ocean Center will help keep Hatteras connected to its roots as an historic fishing village. The Nature Center will protect some beautiful properties from commercial development.

Q: Will pier passes be available that will allow me to use the pier at a discount?
A: Yes. In fact, a limited number of lifetime passes are available now at a very deep discount.